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Prof Nirmal Kanti Chakrabarti

Vice Chancellor Criminology... View Profile

Prof Arup Kumar Poddar

Professor International Environmental Law... View Profile

Prof Sreenivasulu NS

Professor Intellectual Property Laws, Science, Technology La... View Profile

Prof Sandeepa Bhat

Professor Aviation and Space Laws, World Trade Law, Medical ... View Profile

Prof Kavita Singh

Professor Criminal Law I/Criminal Law II/Criminal Law III/ F... View Profile

Prof Anirban Mazumder

Professor Law... View Profile

Dr Lovely Dasgupta

Associate Professor Contract, Sports Law, Commercial Law... View Profile

Dr Shameek Sen

Associate Professor Constitutional Law, Media Law... View Profile

Dr Sarfaraz Ahmed Khan

Associate Professor My research area includes Criminal Law, Criminal J... View Profile

Dr Sanjit Kumar Chakraborty

Associate Professor Intellectual Property Law, Issues Related to Law, ... View Profile

Dr Tilottama Raychaudhuri

Associate Professor Competition Law, Law of Torts... View Profile

Dr Anupama Ghosal

Associate Professor International Relational... View Profile

Ms Vaneeta Patnaik

Associate Professor Corporate Insolvency, Insurance, Mergers and Acqui... View Profile

Dr Shouvik Kumar Guha

Associate Professor Corporate Law, Banking and Financial Laws, Competi... View Profile

Dr M P Chengappa

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Administrative law, Comparative Public Law, Land a... View Profile

Dr Sujata Roy

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Company law, Law of Insurance, Corporate Finance l... View Profile

Mrs Sampa Karmakar Singh

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Family Law and ADR... View Profile

Ms Ankita Chakravarty

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Sam J. Abraham

Assistant Professor Areas of interest include Constitutional Law, Admi... View Profile

Dr Paramita DasGupta

Assistant Professor Intellectual Property Laws & Policy, Public Health... View Profile

Ms Saheli Chakraborty

Assistant Professor International Criminal Law... View Profile

Ms Ruchira Goswami

Assistant Professor The interrelationship between sociology and law wi... View Profile

Dr Surja Kanta Baladhikari

Assistant Professor Access to Justice, Victimology, Criminal laws, gen... View Profile

Dr Vijay Kishor Tiwari

Assistant Professor Areas of interest are critical legal studies, hist... View Profile

Dr Sanjay Kumar

Assistant Professor Taxation Laws, Commercial Laws... View Profile

Dr Anuradha Roy Chowdhury

Assistant Professor Specialisation in Corporate Law, Corporate Governa... View Profile

Dr Kanika Sharma

Assistant Professor Biopolitics, Body and Technology, Gender and Techn... View Profile

Dr Jayanta Ghosh

Assistant Professor Information Technology and Intellectual Property... View Profile

Dr Atul Alexander

Assistant Professor Teaches International Law, Diplomatic law, interna... View Profile

Mr Aman Gupta

Assistant Professor Labour Law, Sports Law, Technology Law... View Profile

Ms Kanchan Yadav

Fellow Area of expertise is International Trade Law... View Profile

Atish Chakraborty

Fellow Alternative Dispute Resolution, Interpretation of ... View Profile

Dr Ruma Mukherjee

Teaching Assistant Industrial/Organizational Behaviour... View Profile

Ms Somabha Bandopadhay

Teaching Assistant Somabha Bandopadhay is a doctoral student at The W... View Profile